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Factory Info
  We are a manufacturing company with strong capabilities in stainless steel casting by lost-wax process.

     We are familiar with International Engineering Standards: We have started servicing international customers since five years ago, and have worked on hundreds of projects involving standards such as ASTM, SAE, AISI, BS ...

     Our serve the following industries: Food Service, Pharmaceutical, Building, Marine...

     Founded in 2003, we have serviced over three hundred business customers. Comparing to many chinese sourcing firms, we are bigger (thus stable, and have less resource constraints) and have strong focus on engineering. Unlike a B2B Website, we have either visited or worked with all of our factories. We don't just consult or broker deals, we are heavy in execution and guarantee quality.

     We pride ourselves for bringing our customers experience, China know-how, and world-class manufacturing quality. We are customer-centric, very process driven, and enthusiastic about China Manufacturing.

     Even with the worldwide economic slowdown in second half of 2008, we are still standing strong and continuously strengthening our operations. Let's work together and begin the exciting venture of sourcing in China. We are a corporate member of the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

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