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Manufacturing Service and Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance
Every product in China Synergy Group is tested with care by our well equipped laboratory. These tests are normal standard procedure and are performed by qualified personnel in order to follow the technical delivery conditions and the international standards. We can perform the following final tests.

1. Inward raw material analysis by Hand held portable Spectrometer
2. Chemical Analysis by Lab model Spectrometer imported from Germany for all the heats
3. Dimensional Inspection by digital vernier calipers, Height Gauges, Slip Gauges and CMM
4. Roughness Test
5. Radiography Testing (for high pressure applications)
6. Mechanical Testing, UTS, YS
7. Ultrasonic Testing
8. Liquid Penetrant Testing
9. Magnetic Particle Inspection
10. Metallography Inverted Microscope for Micro Structure with image analyser

Design Service:
Our skilled engineers can work with you in the selection of alloys, tool creation, prototyping and manufacturing planning. Patterns are designed In-house by using latest CAD/CAM Softwares, and made by CNC machines in shortest lead times.

Manufacturing Service:

Melting Shop: Medium Frequency Induction Furnaces ranging from 150 kg to 1500 kg. This enables us to manufacture cast part ranging from 9 grams to 1200 kg single piece. Spectrometer is used to check chemical composition of every batch.


A. Grinding B. Sand/Shot Blasting C. Hydraulic press for straightening of castings. D. heat treatment and further processes. E. After Heat treatment the parts are blasted with appropriate media and are passivated.

Castings are machined as per customer specifications on Conventional machines as well as CNC turning and machining centres in house.


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