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Production Flow

Investment Casting provides dimensional accuracy and fine “presentable” casting surface than traditional casting.  Investment casting is also called "Lost wax casting".  It involves the following 5 steps.
1. Mold Making: Make a mold to inject wax into.
2. WAX Pattern Forming:  Inject molten wax into a mold, then assemble formed wax patterns on a wax tree.
3. Wax Surface Coating: The wax needs to be strengthened by a covering it in a solid shell. This is done by dipping the wax tree in ceramic slurry.
4. Metal the wax away: Melt out the wax from the ceramic shell to make cavity space for the final casting.  Then pour molten metal in it.
5. Finishing: Break shell and cut each parts off the “tree”.  We can also perform CNC machining (Turning, Milling, Tapping), Welding and mechanical polishing.

Investment casting is almost always the preferred option to make stainless steel casting parts.  Customers sometimes need to balance the cost of casting vs. machining.  Please feel free to contact our casting engineers.

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